Elderly and special cats are the least desirable pets in shelters. These animals spend years waiting for a forever home and often pass away alone in their cage. But one kind woman decided to make a difference by opening her heart and home to these least desirable felines.

Source: metro.co.uk

Michele Hoffman of Santa Barbara has worked in the movie industry for many years. Although she has a full-time job, the woman finds time for Milo's Sanctuary, which she founded for terminally sick or disabled cats. The shelter can only house 75 pets, and its residents come to it from all over the world. They are cats with birth defects, severe injuries, serious pathologies, or just coming to the end of their life.

Source: metro.co.uk

At Milo's Sanctuary, they get delicious meals, medical care, soft beds, and all the love and care the deserve so much in their final days. Unfortunately, some of them do not have time to enjoy their new home and leave this world as soon as they arrive at the shelter, but anyway they cross the Rainbow Bridge happy.

Source: metro.co.uk

"No one should leave this world feeling that they are not loved, won’t be missed and weren’t important," Hoffman says.

One of the shelter's residents is a 6-year-old cat named Biscuit Butterpaws. He was rescued from Mexico, where a man beat him with a club, breaking his jaw and rupturing both of his eyes, which left him blind forever. Despite everything he's been through, the poor thing hasn't lost his faith in people. He is a kind and affectionate pet who responds to loving care with great affection.

Biscuit Butterpaws went blind after being abused. Source: metro.co.uk

Daisy, 11, lived in a hoarder's home along with 200 other cats and dogs. Chloe, 8, was found trapped in a colony of stray street cats in Los Angeles. She had developed a fungal infection that "ate" part of her nose. Fennel Springsong, 8, was born with a cleft nose, partial cleft upper palate and cerebellar hypoplasia. When her family saw the "defective" kitten, they surrendered her to a shelter, and no one was willing to adopt her.

Fennel Springsong was born with a cleft nose. Source: metro.co.uk

Jack Bubblewink, 6, was hit by a car in Egypt and dragged along the road, which literally ripped off all the skin and some muscle tissue from his lower jaw. The kitty was sent to the U.K. for a surgery that saved his life. Cheeky fluffy pet is considered the biggest flirt at the shelter.

Jack Bubblewink. Source: metro.co.uk

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Herman, 11, was born with a severe form of cerebellar hypoplasia that left him unable to walk normally. He was surrendered to a shelter in Denver. His owners just didn't know what to do with the sick cat. Tessa Tumblespice is just six months old. The kitty was born blind and has a deformed face, and no one wants her.

Tessa Tumblespice. Source: metro.co.uk

Although shelter animals are provided with all necessary medical care, not every cat can get over his/her condition.

Michele will always remember Tommy the cat.

Tommy the cat. Source: metro.co.uk

He was found in the California desert with severe burns. Someone had reportedly poured acid on the feline's head. The cat came to the shelter in 2016 and died three years later from feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV).

Source: metro.co.uk

"Tommy was the most gentle and forgiving cat in the world. He loved everyone and taught so many about forgiveness and love," Michelle recalls.

Source: metro.co.uk

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