There are so many pets living in shelters and waiting for a forever home, but it is always a challenge to find one. Some dogs and cats have to wait for years for adoption. This was the case with Rocky who had to wait for ten years before being adopted.

Of course, animal shelters do their best to rehome their residents, but some pets seem never to leave.

Betrayed just before Christmas

Rocky was a one-year-old puppy when his owner surrendered him to an animal rescue in Austria because the pup reportedly didn't get along with another family dog. It was just before Christmas on December 23, 2012.

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At the shelter, the doggie turned out to be rather difficult to handle and had problems with other dogs. However, over the years the shelter staff invited all kinds of specialists such as trainers and dog behaviorists to work on Rocky's short temper. He has gained a lot of care and attention from the shelter staff as well. And their efforts paid off. Rocky has become an affectionate and friendly pet. He was especially loved by kids who visited the shelter as part of a buddy reading program.

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Best Christmas gift ever

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Although Rocky stayed in the shelter for ten years, the employees never gave up their attempts to find owners for his beautiful doggie. And this week Rocky has finally been adopted by a loving family where he will be given all the love he deserves.

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Be happy and Merry Christmas, cutie!

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