Before getting a pet, make sure you have enought time and energy for a new family member. In terms of care, pets are very similar to children. They need care, attention, and they are completely dependent on you. However, if children eventually grow up, leave home and build their own lives, then the pets stay with you until the end of their days.

The animals have just been taken from the shelter

Although animals don’t speak, they can understand everything well. They feel pain when they are betrayed and simply thrown out into the street. As a result, the pets end up in shelters and this is at best. Those who are less fortunate, wander the yards in the hope that someone will treat them with a piece of bread.

Most of all they dream to be loved. We hope that these photos will inspire many people and someone will go to the shelter and make an abandoned pet happy. 

This puppy is no longer afraid to look at the owner!

And this dog didn't even dream that someday he would have his own sofa

He’s got everything written on the face. Read it carefully!

Here's how love and care change a pet

This doggy has been through a lot, but now he has a loving family

The house where there is now a way out

No one will hurt him anymore

There are only emotions here

And this dog celebrated the New Year with his family!

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