It is true what they say: «You can't waste talent». Even old age isn’t able to quench the energy that rages inside a person. And if it turns out that it is an elderly couple of former dancers, then nothing will stop them. You can only watch and admire.

Incendiary dance of an elderly couple

They dance as if their lives depend on this dance. They are far from 20 and not even 40, but this couple definitely knows how to rock. The moment the music started, their youth returned.

So we suggest you to watch this incendiary dance and recharge with positive emotions. This stunning spectacle has already been viewed by more than 7 million YouTube users.

Network users leave enthusiastic comments: 

  • «These are the skills that should be instilled from a young age - good relationships and good dancing»;
  • «I imagine how they lit up in their youth»;
  • - «You have to love each other to dance like this in old age. Health to you, dear people!»;
  • «I laugh and cry with emotion!»;
  • «What a naughty girl she is in the dance, and he is imperturbably calm».


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