After the first pregnancy, not only a woman's body changes, but also her inner world. This can be seen even in her eyes. To demonstrate this, a photographer from Lithuania Vaida Markevičiūtė organized a unique project called "Becoming a mother".

Vayda took pictures, reminiscent of the passport photo format, of women before and after their first pregnancy. She focused on the look of the models, as the eyes reflect the internal changes of a person and show the psycho-emotional state.

 According to the photographer, motherhood fills a woman with joy, love, although it brings pain and exhaustion. Only a woman who has become a mother can know this deep experience. After the birth of the first child, a woman's intuition becomes stronger, inner energy is really felt, and wisdom reaches new heights.

Just take a look how the appearance of women has changed after childbirth. Shine and meaning appeared in every look. Some seem to have revived, become younger and look many times happier than before pregnancy.

Happiness both in the soul and on the face

The eyes speak for her

Being a motherdefinitely suits her

Motherhood fills with life somehow

Young mothers seem to have started their lives over


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