The pregnancy was planned and desired, but the calculation was only for one child. Sian, a 31-year-old employee of a financial agency, is aware of how difficult it is to raise children these days. Her husband is younger, but also has no illusions. So when the doctor first picked up a second heartbeat and then a third, the couple was a little discouraged. When it became clear at the 15th week that they would be triplet girls, they accepted their fate.

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Because the daughters look exactly alike, mom has to use different-colored nail polish to tell them apart. They sold their beautiful Mercedes car to buy a roomy Land Rover, which makes it easier to fit three baby seats at once. Yes, there are exactly three times as many problems with triplets as with one child, but it is a kind of reward, a special gift. Sian lost her father and all of her grandparents over the past year, so her daughters are "just in time" to fill the void of loss.

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The girls were named Yorgi, Belle, and Olivia. Their favorite color is pink, just like their mother's.

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