Brittany Callan accidentally found a tiny kitten in her yard. After consulting with her family, she decided to bring it inside. No one knew what to do next, but by the evening the kitten was cold and hungry - something had to be done. They decided to give the kitten to a Doberman and see how the big dog would behave.

Newborn family. Source:

Brittany's pet, Doberman Ruby, had recently had puppies of her own. The woman carefully placed the kitten beside her. No one yet knew how the Doberman would behave. However, the dog just sniffed the kitten and then suddenly started licking it. Finally Ruby pushed the kitten into the pups.

Charming care. Source:

"Ruby acted like a creature with a big heart. She took the kitten in, fed her and nurtured her. It was like a puppy," Brittany told reporters later.

The kitten was named Rose. It was fed with milk mixture, and it spent all the time with its new canine family. The puppies also accepted Rose and soon they all started playing together.

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Then Rose finally got used to her foster family. The Dobermans also accepted her as her own.


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