Unfortunately, there are the people who don't understand that pets aren't toys but living beings who deserve to have a decent life.

This story started when Lucy the cat was kicked out of her home in winter. The reason for this filthy betrayal was quite simple: her owners bought a new purebred pet, and she, an ordinary cat, was no longer needed ... By the way, when these people took Lucy home, they kicked out their old pet. Well, Lucy was completely unfit for life on the street, especially in winter, because she had lived all her life in the house.

Looking for a place to warm up, where to hide from the cold, the poor thing ended up in the kennel of Max the dog. The doggie couldn't stand cats all his life, but then something happened ... Max not only did not hurt the cat, but allowed Lucy to live in his kennel.

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Of course, it didn't happen right away. First, Lucy would sit next to the pooch's kennel when he was away. But then she became bolder. Max proved to be a real gentleman: when Lucy had a rest in his kennel, he did not go inside, and lay down next to the entrance. Max's owner came up with the idea to put a small house next to the dog's kennel for the cat, because he took pity on her since he knew that the cat was kicked out, that she used to live in a house. Lucy, however, for some reason, did not appreciate her new home and preferred to live in the dog's kennel.

Soon the animals got used to each other. The dog and the cat often sleep together, side by side. The dog's owner didn't want to separate the pets, as they became very good friends, so he decided to adopt her. Thank you kind man for rescuing Lucy!

Source: pulse.com

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