It is believed that only people with a heart of stone become bikers. But has found a completely different story. This team of kind-hearted bikers dubbed Rescue Ink has been saving our furry friends for over a decade.

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Rescue Ink operates in Long Island, one of the most populous neighborhoods in New York City. Dog fights often take place there, and this inhumane entertainment does not suit bikers at all. Therefore, they regularly carry out "raids" upon such places and take away poor pets.

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Some time later, the scope of their activity has expanded. Now men make sure that the owners do not abuse their pets. To prove the guilt of negligent owners, they sometimes even hire private detectives! Thus, they can defend the interests of pets in court.

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All rescued animals are brought by men to their own shelter. Men used to rent a house by the sea, but after a storm in 2011 they realized it isn't safe enough. Now dogs live away from the water in a huge converted hangar with enclosures.

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The rescue team try to find a new family for every pet. "We protect those who can't defend themselves. That's what unites us, that's our common belief, if you will," says Rescue Ink activist Joseph Panzarella.

Previously, both Joseph Panzarella and his tattooed Rescue Ink colleagues led anti-social lifestyles, some of them served multiple prison sentences and were members of local mafia groups. But the common mission allowed them to reintegrate into society.

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The man, who calls himself Batso, has been with Rescue Ink since 2006, when the charity was founded. Now 75, the man came to zoo activism to get over the death of his son.

Batso believes that helping animals makes people better individuals. However, he and his buddies find that they don't consider themselves saints for helping their pets.

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