Taking care of a senior pet is always not an easy task. Besides regular medical check-ups, special diet, and attention, it's especially challenging to take care of an elderly dog who was previously abused.

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The story of Hero the dog is just heartbreaking. A group called Pit Crew Rescue in Sacramento rescued an old pittie named Hero.

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The doggie turned out to be a sweet and good-natured pooch. His sweet eyes were just saying that this guy really deserved a chance at life.

Luckily, Rusty and Anna decided to adopt this sweet guy. But before Hero could be taken in, he had to impress another family's dog, Sugar Bear.

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Fortunately, when Sugar Bear saw Hero for the first time, she just lit up with joy. That's how Hero acquired a forever home.  

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"If you stop petting him at all, he'd start nudging you to remind you, 'Hey, I’m still here,'" Rusty explained. "If at any reason you decided to stop petting him and he couldn’t get your attention, no matter how much he nudged you, he moved on to the next person and he’d start nudging them."

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Hero loved his owners as well Sugar. They had a great time together playing, going to fast food places, and sleeping together. Hero was be the first to meet Rusty when he got home from work, and would follow him everywhere.

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Unfortunately, Hero lived only for three years after he had been adopted.

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"Hero changed our family’s life for the better. From the moment we adopted Hero, we promised to love him and protect him. He would never be hungry or hurt again. The beauty of Hero is that after all he had been through, he only wanted to be loved by all he met," Rusty and Anna wrote as a tribute to Hero, who passed away on May 6, 2022.

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Watch the video of the sweet Hero below

Rest in peace sweet boy!

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