Instead of buying a small apartment, the man decided to invest in a spacious garage. His friends dissuaded him from the risky purchase, but the craftsman already had a plan. Immediately after the purchase, the man began to make repairs and in six months he turned the garage into a real dream home. The project turned out indeed interesting and original. 

Excellent result. Source:

Hidden behind the cladding, an inconspicuous door leads to the study, for which there is also room in the garage. When you step over the threshold, thoughts about the garage disappear in principle: it is a full-fledged space for comfortable and convenient life.

View of the entrance. Source:

A separate staircase leads to the second floor into the living space. And here begins the most interesting part, because without stopping at the repairs, the man managed to form a real apartment above the garage. It is divided between a sleeping and a recreation area.

Cozy interior. Source:

Curious neighbors visited and praised the creativity of the owner of the broken garage.

Spacious living room. Source:


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