Larry the Great Dane, a 4-year-old 173-pound giant from Wisconsin, makes Internet users laugh with his habit of jumping onto his owner's lap.

Larry's owner, a retail business owner Ken, 42, and his wife Beth Kempen, 40, live with their two kids, Maddie and Colin, and two dogs.

The video of Larry climbing onto Ken's lap immediately went viral.

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"It really is a Dane thing," Ken said. "I would say a lot of Great Danes just think they’re lap dogs … they’ll always try to sit by you. Larry, on the other hand, has to sit on you."

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According to Ken, when Larry wants to some lap time, he first snuggles up to his owner's face or puts his paw up to touch him. And the gentle giant doesn't care if his owner is busy.

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Ken says, "With Maddie our daughter, she’s 13, Larry is super gentle. He will slowly crawl up and if she goes, 'Ouch!' he'll jump off and do it again. With my wife, same thing. With me, I would say about 90 percent of the time he's gentle, but there is that 10 percent where he's like, 'I'm coming, you better watch out!"

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Ken and Beth have even started an Instagram account for Larry which has now more than 165,000 followers. Not only do family and friends find Larry hilarious, but the sight of Larry sitting on their lap has gone viral.

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Before the Kempens took in Larry, they had already had an English bulldog and a Yorkshire terrier. But Ken really wanted a big dog, so when one of his customers told him that there were Dane puppies for sale, Ken had no qualms to buy one. Initially Ken planned to adopt Larry's brother, but little Larry won his heart.

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To help Larry get over the loss of his mom and former home, Ken and Beth brought home a blanket on which his mom, dad and siblings were lying.

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Ken believes that this is how Larry's "blanket obsession" started. Now the doggie has seven of them and regularly steals them from his owners.

In addition to his addiction to cuddling and sitting on everyone's lap, Larry has other quirks: he sniffs his humans' mouths when they come home.

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"I think he wants to make sure you haven't eaten somewhere without him," Ken says.

Over the past four years, Larry destroyed five armchairs, four couches, and one bed. Anyway, Ken and Beth love their giant, who is extremely gentle with people and other pets. Ken and Beth's two-year-old twin granddaughters are his best friends.

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"I think he knows that when he's bigger than other dogs, he has to be gentle. But as far as cuddling with us and sitting on our lap, he really thinks he can fit," Ken said. "We make it work, because who doesn't want Larry-loving, you know?"


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