A volunteer with a North Carolina animal rescue spotted the two kittens from a feral cat colony hanging out together. Fortunately, she was able to take them and many other cats to safety just before the snowfall.

The two kittens were taken to the vet hospital for examination in separate cages. Sarah Kelly, founder of Murphy's Law Animal Rescue, was contacted for help, and she went to pick the babies up.

"As soon as we got there and saw them sitting in their cages, we fell in love immediately with their personalities. Gus, the older one (seven months old), was so calm. He just sat and purred while Spencer (the younger one, four months old) tried to get out and attract our attention," Sarah says.

Source: Murphy's Law Animal Rescue

Spencer was meowing while trying to touch Sarah with his paw. It was clear from the beginning that the kittens wanted to be loved and cared for and were happy to finally find themselves in safety.

Source: Murphy's Law Animal Rescue

"We decided to put them in a single carrier, based on how they were doing in cages right next to each other - and it was the best decision," Sarah shared.

Source: Murphy's Law Animal Rescue

Gus, the older kitty, immediately began washing Spencer's face while Spencer snuggled up to Gus purring affectionately.

Source: Murphy's Law Animal Rescue

"They are very close, we are surprised by this incredible bond between two males who are not biological brothers, but they really enjoy each other's company. They are so special."

The best friends quickly got used to their new home. They were given a bath, wormed and flea-treated. Happy with their new surroundings, they spent the day cuddling and grooming each other.

Source: Murphy's Law Animal Rescue

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The kittens never leave each other's side and even fall asleep together.

Source: Murphy's Law Animal Rescue

Gus and Spencer were neutered earlier this week and have already returned home.

Source: Murphy's Law Animal Rescue

"Gus is the more 'caring' of the duo and Spencer is more fidgety and attention-seeking, but together they snuggle and love attention, and will both curl up on your lap and share pats and love," Sarah says.

Source: Murphy's Law Animal Rescue

"Gus is very happy to be in a warm home, away from the cold and snow. He and his brother Spencer are love-bugs!"

Gus and Spencer are obviously not from the same litter, as one is a few months older than the other, but they get along so well.

Source: Murphy's Law Animal Rescue

Knowing about their special bond, Murphy's Law Animal Rescue shelter staff is hoping to successfully place the kitties with the same loving hand.

Source: Murphy's Law Animal Rescue

"We're excited to give these two the second chance they deserve and a warm, soft place where they can wait for their forever home."

Source: lovemeow.com

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