A two-year-old herd dog bravely defended his flock of sheep after being attacked by nearly a dozen coyotes.

Casper came to the sheep's rescue when the wild animals appeared at night. Casper and another dog Daisy were guarding the sheep when their owner, John Weirville, heard coyotes whining around their home.

It was midnight when Weirville saw his sheep huddled against the fence and Daisy watching them. Casper watched the pack of coyotes, and the coyotes focused their attention on him. As the pack of coyotes approached, Casper attacked them.

Casper fought the coyotes for half hour and killed eight, but disappeared, chasing the rest away. Amazingly, not a single sheep was harmed. But the same could not be said of Casper.

His family and neighbors went looking for the dog and found parts of his tail and a bloody trail, but not Casper. They feared the worst. But two days later Casper miraculously returned home, and his owner found him in the chicken coop.

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"He looked like death, I mean, he looked terrible," the dog's owner said. "He came home and just looked at me like 'boss, stop looking at how bad I look, just take care of me.'"

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The dog was taken to the vet hospital. He was so badly injured that the vets weren't sure if he would make it, but he's already undergone several surgeries and his wounds are now healing.

Casper will need a few more months to make a full recovery.

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"I can't explain how good it feels to see him," said the dog's owner, hugging Casper tightly. When he first saw Casper's wounds, he didn't think Casper would survive, but now he thinks Casper will be back with them soon.

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Casper's job is to protect the farm animals in his care from predators. But for many dogs coyotes can also pose a threat.

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