Roxanne, Spencer, Kami and Hess, these four curious foxes are looking at the guests who visit their owner Diana. The woman got her first pet fox almost by accident. She bought it from a hunter for $10 a few years ago. She admits that she took pity on the animal.


For some time Diana hoped to tame the animal, but it's turned out that it is impossible. When she realized it, it was too late to release the animal into the wild. The predator would not be able to adapt to life in the woods. That was the beginning of Diana's fox farm.

"My oldest fox is 8 years old. When I took her, I knew nothing about these animals. I had to look for information on the Internet. The next year I decided to buy a fox from a fur farm, they are neutered there, so way easier to handle. In addition, it is a good opportunity to save a fox from becoming a fur vest."


The foxes that Diana bought from the factory are 7, 3 and 2 years old. These animals have already been domesticated at the fur farm, so they are almost like dogs. However, Diana does not advise to train foxes on your own:


"If someone wants to help foxes that were caught by hunters, I advise to buy them and immediately send to the rehabilitation center. There, the animals will grow up in specially created conditions, and then they will be released into the wild."

Nowadays, foxes have become fashionable animals. Internet abounds with ads selling these beautiful animals. The price starts from $100. Some of these animals are wild, others are bred and sold as puppies.


"I advise everyone who wants to buy foxes to check the seller. Nowadays, there are enough fraudsters who sell wild foxes as pets."

Diana not only lives, but also works with animals. She is a dog trainer, riding instructor and animal psychologist. In addition to foxes, she also has a Rottweiler and a terrarium of reptiles – two spotted geckos, two emperor boas and four corn snakes. None of them has had any contact with foxes. In the future, the girl wants to breed snakes. In the meantime, she shows her animals to everyone and allows to rent them for photo shoots.

How to raise a fox?

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According to Diana, discipline is the most important thing in raising foxes. The carrot and stick method works best. The first two years of life with a fox are the most difficult, because the young animal is especially naughty. It will chew everything it can get from shoes to bedding. It is impossible to train the animal, for example, like a dog. The predator will listen to his owner only for some reward.

"They should be brought up as gently as possible, but do not forget about discipline. Praise and give them treats, and if they do harm – punish them with lack of attention or toys. Foxes are like big cats. They do not understand the risks. They yearn for the woods, but always come back, because they are fed here. So walk them outside the yard only on a leash."

Foxes require special care and significant money. 20% of the predators' diet should be vegetables, 80% – meat. Dog or cat food, canned food and sausages are not allowed for foxes. Depending on the size, one predator eats from 15 to 30 lb of meat per month. The daily diet includes turkey, beef and chicken offal, carrots, flax seeds. Less often sea fish, dairy products, poultry eggs. Everything should be raw.

Foxes eat once a day, in the evening. They lead a nocturnal lifestyle. They sleep during the day and play at night. The animals should have regular check-ups, wormed and flea-treated. Once a month their owner should clean their ears with a special solution, trim their claws, and comb their coat.


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