Vincent worked as a power engineer for a private construction company. One day he came to work early and left early, as a result he was fined. Vincent agreed to tell us all the details of this strange situation.

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On that fateful Saturday he was not supposed to go to work at all, his supervisor asked him to. Vincent arrived before the scheduled time, checked the area under his jurisdiction, and signed the document atesting to its safety. The supervisor then agreed to let him go home and promised that he would oversee the work himself. The man agreed and left early.

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All records show that after Vincent signed the safety papers and left the remaining workers finished their rounds still during the day, leaving the facility empty and running during the night. But deep in the night a fire broke out, the building filled with fire in a matter of minutes. The whole area was burned to the ground along with all the equipment.

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As law enforcement investigated the situation, Vincent's supervisor stated that he did not let the man go anywhere and showed his signature on the safety release papers. The power engineer had no evidence to the contrary - he was found guilty.

Vincent lost his licence to practice his profession and was imposed a colossal 2 million dollar fine. 


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