A 95-year-old Dutch woman named Sally had lived alone since her husband passed away in 1990. But one day when she opened the door of her house, she saw a faithful friend.

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Sally moved to the United States from the Netherlands in 1953. She was 92 years old when new neighbors moved to the neighborhood.

After facing the loss of their beloved dog Blizzard, the neighbors adopted a 15-week-old puppy named Brody. That same day, the St. Bernard ... ran away.

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After looking for him for a while, they found out that Brody was at their neighbor Sally's house. The pup was happily spending time with her. Of course, the owners took the puppy back, but since that day Brody would visit Sally almost every day.

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Brody takes every opportunity to follow Sally everywhere. He's been spotted in her yard, near the mailbox, and even in her car.

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Having grown up on a farm and surrounded by dogs, Sally says that Brody has brought her back to her roots and made her feel happy again.

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Watch this heartwarming story about Sally and Brody's friendship:

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