The homeless can arouse mixed feelings, however, it's important to remember that they are humans too. And sometimes they are more understanding and compassionate than some well off people. In one of the cities, volunteers went around the area looking for strays that couldn't be caught for a long time. They did not find them, but met a homeless man who told about a dog that had fallen into a sinkhole in the middle of a field.

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The pooch had been trapped there for at least three weeks. The man could not get the doggie out of there, but he did not leave her. Every day he walked a mile to bring the dog food he found.

Volunteers reported the incident to animal trappers. The dog was pulled out of a 13 ft deep sinkhole and sent to a vet.

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It turned out that several attempts to catch this skittish doggie had already been made but the pooch always ran away.

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Now the dog will not only be neutered, but also vaccinated. The volunteers heartily thanked the homeless man for his kindness and humanity.


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