Emily and her family loved their dog Archie with whom they’d spent over a decade. But, unfortunately, three and a half years ago the doggy crossed the Rainbow Bridge, so the family started thinking about adopting another dog.

One day Emily spotted a post on social media about a litter of beautiful puppies living in the woods near a hotel. The woman didn't think twice about going to the woods to see the dogs firsthand.

Source: popularnoe.net

Soon Emily and her family were already looking at the cute little pups. They really liked the playful little one, who immediately tried to escape at the sight of strangers. The puppies looked about two months old.

They took the puppy in and named it Tilda. Emily and her family gave the tiny puppy the love and care she deserved so much.

Source: popularnoe.net

Since then more than three years have passed. Tilda has become a true friend of the whole family. Every day she enjoys going for a walk with her owners regardless of the weather.

Source: popularnoe.net

Indeed, the doggy is very lucky, since Emily chose her over her siblings. It must have been fate!

Source: popularnoe.net

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