A tiny kitten showed up at a home in West Virginia meowing pitifully for help. Interestingly enough, the little guy didn't come alone...

"My boyfriend was outside when a kitten ran up to him from the alley next to our house. He was meowing loudly, covered in dirt and fleas!" the rescuer Hannah recalls.

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She went outside to see what was going on.

There was a tiny kitten in front of the girl, desperately asking for help. Helpless and dirty, he was waiting to be noticed. A moment later, the girl heard someone behind her. She looked around and saw another baby! It was the brave little one's sister.

The kittens, named Theon and Yara, looked miserable. With fleas all over their bodies, they could hardly stand on their little legs.

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Luckily, they ended up in good hands, because Hannah and her boyfriend love animals. They picked the babies up and brought them to the bathroom to wash them.

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After the bath Yara was doing well but Theon felt ill. He looked lethargic and weak, and Hannah was very frightened. She was afraid she was going to lose the little creature who had actually just started to live.

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The girl took a towel and wrapped it around the baby, trying to keep him warm. And then she started pouring sugar syrup into his tiny mouth to save the baby from dehydration.

Source: lovemeow.com

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Fortunately, after a few hours, the baby felt better and began to eat again.

He started purring with the joy of being alive, and Hannah was glowing with happiness!

"He was purring so loudly the moment I picked him up. Even at his weakest last night, he had a big purr," Hannah recalls.

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Now the baby brother and sister are doing fine. They are gaining weight and have a good appetite. And Theon happily climbs onto Hannah's shoulders as if she were a tree.

Funny enough, the little ones got a furry babysitter Bruce the dog. He makes sure that the kids are alright, and helps his kind-hearted owner to take care of the babies.

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It's hard to believe that not long ago the two tiny creatures were on the brink of death, and today they are clean, full, and really happy!

May there be more people like Hannah and her boyfriend! And then orphaned kittens and puppies will never be left to fend for themselves.

Source: lovemeow.com

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