There are hundreds of thousands of cats in American shelters. Of course, it's hard to find loving homes for them all where they'll be happy. And if two kitties won't part, the situation gets even more complicated.

The two beautiful kittens fostered by a family in Florida made it clear to everyone: they will never let each other go.

Source: Andrea Christian

Lily and Rosa are so attached to each other that they even hold each other's paws. It looks as if they had been made for each other.

Source: Andrea Christian

Rosa was the first to be fostered by a girl named Andrea. The kitty was extremely emaciated and malnourished. And after a couple of weeks the girl was asked to take in another kitty, Lily, who was very ill and had been in ICU for about a week. She was found in a critical condition lying on the roadside.

Source: Andrea Christian

Andrea started taking care of the pets, helping them get used to their new home and feel safe. After Lily felt better, she decided to introduce her to Rosa. And it was love at first sight!

Source: Andrea Christian

Rosa was helping Lily gain strength and get better. Lately the couple has become inseparable, and the cats follow each other everywhere. If one of them goes to sleep, the other cat cuddles to her mate as well. If Rosa is eating, Lily joins in right away. So cute!

Source: Andrea Christian

Both cats are a little afraid of people and noise, but they seem to help each other get braver.

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Of course, their foster mom understands that she has to look for a loving owner who will adopt the kitties together. We hope that a kind person will be found soon!

Source: The Dodo

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