Ashley Boggs was driving down a winding forest road in Puerto Rico when she spotted a line of cars moving slowly. Soon Ashley found out the cause of the traffic jam. It was a small doggie that was running up to cars on the busy road, begging for help.

Source: Miracles for Satos Rescue

"I got out and noticed she was a nursing mom, so I decided to follow her. I realized her pups were somewhere close by," Boggs says.

Ashley saw six puppies hiding in the garbage deep in the woods. They had no food or water, and were crying in fear. Ashley couldn't leave the babies to fend for themselves, so she picked up all the pups and took them to a shelter.

Source: Miracles for Satos Rescue

Boggs recorded the rescue in a video:

The mother dog, later named Goji, couldn’t thank her rescuer enough. She was so loving and kept kissing and hugging Boggs to thank her.

Source: Miracles for Satos Rescue

Even though the dogs spent a lot of time outside, Goji and her pups were affectionate and fun. The two little ones have already found their loving homes, and soon the rest of the litter will find loving owners as well.

Source: Miracles for Satos Rescue

Source: The Dodo

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