A profession of a bus driver is a very important one since these professionals transport people between a variety of places including work, school, shopping, and across country. They perfectly know their route and, of course, can immediately notice if something unusual happens on the road.

This interesting story happened several years ago with a bus driver and a Labrador. One day the driver was on the route as usual. Mike is a very experienced driver; it is hard to surprise him as he has seen a lot of things on the route.

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The driver noticed a man walking along the roadside in a fairly empty lot. The man was walking his dog in a completely inappropriate place. Moreover, he was pulling the doggie as if it was the first time he walked the pet.

Mike suspected there was something fishy going on. It was still a long way to the bus stop, but the driver stopped and offered the stranger a lift for him and the dog. The man surprisingly accepted the bus driver's offer.

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Not ten minutes later, the Labrador "owner" started complaining that he was fed up with the dog and suggested that the bus driver buy the dog.

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Mike was taken aback by the unexpected offer. Then the driver stopped the bus and made his way inside. Quickly he took the Labrador by the collar and shouted at the man, "Hey, give me the dog's name, now!" The unwelcome passenger was confused, droopy, and called several names at once in the wrong way. Meanwhile Mike glanced at the collar, which clearly indicated that the dog's name was Cooper.

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Mike kicked the stranger off the bus and left the dog inside. The passengers supported the driver's decision. After his shift ended, the driver took the dog to the police. It turned out that the dog had been missing for several days and was searched for by his real owners. So thanks to the attentive bus driver, Cooper was returned home. The owners met with Mike and thanked him for Cooper.

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Thank you, the kind bus driver, for returning this beauty home!

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