Rachel March, from Sydney, Australia, has recently had one of the most heartbreaking moments in her life. She had to say the last goodbye to her beloved Cocker Spaniel named Bowie before putting him to sleep.

The heartbroken woman recorded her final hugging and kissing Bowie on video to keep in memory their touching friendship forever.

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When Rachel found out that Bowie was terminally ill, she was devastated. Bowie was 12 years old and suffered from a heart condition. However, when his health started deteriorating quickly, the family chose to let him go "painlessly and peacefully."

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According to Rachel, "That last cuddle with Bowie is something I'll never forget and I'm so glad he got to pass away peacefully around his family with dignity."

Source: TikTok

"He was in end-stage heart failure which gets very painful and uncomfortable for senior dogs," Rachel explained.

Source: TikTok

So, she decided to put him to sleep via sedation and euthanasia. She shared the touching video on TikTok:


Update: Officially RIP Bowie bb ♥️♥️♥️😭 #petloss #rainbowbridge #emotionaldamage lol

♬ original sound - carlykrupp

Fellow dog owners supported Rachel in the comments section on TikTok:

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"AW. He's tired and knows. The kindest act of love we can offer," one person wrote.

"May he rest in peace. May he have a beautiful heaven & he'll be waiting for you… Don't worry, they visit our dreams every now and then," another TikTok user wrote.

"Broke my heart I'm so sorry for your loss. Sending loads of hugs," a third person commented.

RIP beautiful Bowie!

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