Edgardo Zuñiga from Mexico rides a tricycle around the country to rescue stray dogs. His goal is to make people aware of the problem of animal cruelty.

Source: ntdtv.com

Edgardo began traveling around Mexico in 2013 and has already helped hundreds of animals. The man finds stray dogs near highways and on city streets. He gives them water, food, and medicine.

Source: ntdtv.com

He is accompanied on his journey by a pack of faithful dogs. His "rescue team" makes it easy to work with stray animals. Dogs quickly develop trust in the man and he can help them. The man takes the dogs to various animal rescues that help find them new owners. For those who are not taken to a shelter, he does his best to make their life easier.

Source: ntdtv.com

"The dogs don't care if we're walking in the rain or crossing the desert. They don't care about hunger either. They won't leave me and will always be there for me," Edgardo says.

Source: ntdtv.com

The man takes on any job to earn money to help his pets. A video of Edgardo's journey quickly went viral. After that, people started offering to help him.

The man is always on the road. He can't take all the dogs with him, but he tries to make their lives better. Edgardo's mission is to rescue dogs as "a journey to awaken people's minds."

Source: ntdtv.com

Source: ntdtv.com

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