This story happened in Canada. The owners of an Australian shepherd named Maggie left her at a pet motel and went on vacation.

It wasn't a long time since Maggie who was adopted from a shelter had parted her ways with her grown up puppies. She had been living at the pet motel for more than a week when two puppies were brought there. They were placed in a separate kennel.

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That day Sandra Aldred, the motel owner, was off to dinner. She decided to look what was going on at the motel. The woman saw that Maggie had pushed back the water bowl built into her kennel door and climbed out. The dog walked along the hallway right to the kennel with crying puppies.

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"We watched her on video. The dog found them right away. She wagged her little tail and tried to open the door with her paw. Then she just decided to stay close by," the motel owner says.

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After dinner, Sandra returned to her workplace. "She was really happy, and then she took me back to their room as if saying: 'I really need to meet these small puppies,'" the woman recalls.

Sandra let Maggie in with the puppies. They sniffed each other, and Maggie lay down next to the babies. The next day she found the trio in the same position. "The puppies needed her and she needed them. It was pretty perfect," Sandra explains.

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When Maggie's owners came to pick her up, Sandra told them how their dog had taken care of the puppies. The owners were not surprised and said they had a special dog.

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Sandra started taking the puppies home in the evenings so that they wouldn't feel lonely.


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