On suffering a stroke Tony was admitted to the intensive care unit. After treatment, the senior man needed constant care, so he moved to a nursing home. Unfortunately, Tony couldn't take his beloved cat with him.

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Tony's neighbors took care of the cat and started looking for a forever home for him. Amanda Hasani saw an ad on the Internet and wanted to take the cat in. Tony's neighbor agreed and told her the sad story about the cat and his former owner.

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Soon afterwards it occurred to Amanda that Tony and the kitty really missed each other. She made arrangements with the nursing home staff to let the man meet former pet.

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"Tony's face immediately brightened at the sight of his furry friend," Amanda said. Once the pet got used to the new surroundings, he ran up to his owner. The man stroked and cuddled Tony, who rubbed against his hands and purred.

Source: ntdtv.com

Amanda said she planned to visit Tony every two weeks with the cat.

Source: ntdtv.com

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