Like people, dogs have different characters and destinies. Bella, a large, curly-haired mongrel living on the street, took several aging brothers under her wing. When they, at the appointed time, came to the volunteer's doorstep, Bella let them be the first to be fed. Here is a touching story of a friendly dog on whom luck has finally smiled.

That winter weather conditions were changing all the time: severe frosts were replaced by thaws and freezing rains. Judging by Bella's appearance, she was a German Shepherd mix with soft, curly hair, and a fluffy tail. She would wait outside one woman's home every evening for treats. However, strays were not welcome in the neighborhood and locals disapproved of feeding stray dogs.


Nevertheless, one kind-hearted woman would feed Bella every day. The doggie was very grateful and, despite her impressive size, very affectionate. At the sight of the woman, she jumped up and rushed to cuddle her rescuer. She would spend hours waiting outside this woman's home for treats, love and care. The woman planned to rehome the entire pack, but local shelters were small and always full. All the woman could do was provide Bella with enough food and some affection. Old dogs, who had learned the misfortunes of dog life, did not dare to approach her closely.


That all changed when one morning, when Bella announced her coming with loud barking. When the woman went outside with a portion of treats, her heart ached. The dog looked absolutely miserable. Her wet coat was covered with snow and ice flakes, and she was standing up to her ankles in a freezing puddle.


The woman realized that she couldn't leave the poor thing outside. She searched for a way to make Bella enter the house where she had never been let in. The woman had no collar of suitable size, and she had no idea how to convince the 66 lb dog to follow her.


But Bella's reaction was so awesome. She watched the woman carefully as if waiting to be finally invited. As soon as the woman pointed to the door, the doggie joyfully walked inside and lay down on the mat at the doorstep. Bella tried very hard to please the woman, so she carried out a basic paw command flawlessly. As a reward, the dog demanded affection, squinting with pleasure when she was stroked behind the ears.


After Bella was wiped dry of snow and dirt, she was allowed to sit on the couch. The tired and completely happy dog fell asleep hugging the first toy in her life.


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