No one can stop him on his way to the cherished treat! He is invisible, inaudible – a real furry spy.

Colombia is famous for its crime, and this dog would make a perfect thief... maybe almost perfect as he needs a little more practice. It all started when his owner left her pet unattended for a while to do some shopping in a local store. At that moment the dog noticed the pet store door open wide where he spotted a huge bone. 

Source: YouTube screenshot

The treat mesmerized the dog, but his owner was not around to whine pitifully, look into her eyes, and beg for a treat. So, the doggie decided to act on his own. He had the perfect plan. While his owner was chatting with two customers, the dog sneaked into the pet store.

He crept along the shop windows while the cashier was busy. For a moment he lurked behind the counter, made his way to the most appealing storefront, where the most cherished bone beckoned him. The dog was separated from the exit by a narrow passageway between the cash register and the storefront.

The mission was on the verge of failure – if he had drawn attention to himself, he would have been caught. He would not have been let out of the store, and he might have been punished. Waiting any longer was impossible, and the charming thief grabbed the bone and rushed out.

Apparently, the sound of the falling bone attracted the attention of sales clerk and customers. However, the thief had already skipped into the narrow passageway and rushed to the exit. The bone was so huge that the dog could not keep his head straight. The customers rushed after him, but they had no chance as the dog crossed the parking lot and disappeared around the corner.

The cameras filmed the canine ninja raid from beginning to end:

The next day the dog's owner came to the pet store to pay for the bone as on seeing her pet's huge trophy she immediately guessed that it had been earned by unfair means. After thinking for a while, she remembered there was a pet store nearby and decided to pay for the stolen treat. But the salesgirl wasn't angry. She invited the dog to come again. We hope that the owner will be able to teach the clever pet to pay by card.

Source: Victoria Andrea Viviana

Do you think the owner will teach the dog to pay for his treats? Share your thoughts in the comment section!


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