Little dogs always look like puppies but big dogs want the privileges of little doggies, too. It is so unfair that huge dogs have to walk on their own while small breeds are carried. They have to sit on the cold floor when sitting in their beloved owner's lap is much more pleasant even if the dog weighs 40 pounds more than the owner.

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These nine giants could star in King Kong or guard the Statue of Liberty, but they want cuddles!

Somebody tell this man that the couch is for indoor dogs, not tame bears!

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Bodyguard tip: If you sit on top of your human, it will be easier to guard him/her because your human won't go anywhere

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"Mom, this grass scares me!"

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An ingenious technique: sitting in your owner's lap while standing!

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Charlie, 110 lb of love

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Big boys want cuddles, too!

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This dog doesn't take no for an answer

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All dogs deserve a couch! What do you mean by "too big"?

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Puppies, eight months old, full of love and wanting cuddles

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Would you take in a big dog?


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