This story about the loyalty of dogs to his owner happened in Canada. A senior resident of a small northern town went missing on December 21. In the morning he went to the woods together with his two dogs. When the 72-year-old man did not return and stopped responding to calls, his relatives called the emergency services. They spent 22 hours searching for the man. Volunteers also stepped in.

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The man wasn't found until the afternoon of December 22 deep in the woods. He was lying motionless on the cold snow with signs of a stroke. There were two dogs by his side. For more than a day they did not take a step away from the man and tried to warm him with their bodies. One of the dogs was wounded. According to specialists, the loyal pet might have had to fight the wild animal to protect its owner.

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The faithful dogs wouldn't let rescuers near their owner. Only when the sick injured man's wife came to the scene, the dogs stepped back and made way for paramedics. The man was taken by helicopter to the nearest hospital, where doctors spent about a day fighting for his life. Unfortunately, the man didn't make it. On December 23 despite all doctors' efforts, the man passed away in hospital from the consequences of a stroke.

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