Today no one is surprised that cats and dogs have their own social media accounts and many of them are even more popular than their owners. Still, it might be a little strange to find out that some dog is richer than you are! Who are they, millionaire pets, what did they make their fortune on, and how do they spend it?

Nala the cat influencer – $100 million

Source: Instagram

The beautiful blue-eyed shelter cat charmed Shannon Ellis, who decided to adopt the furry beauty. One day Ellis took a picture of her pet and posted it on Instagram as many owners do. However, few cats become so popular.

Today Nala is officially the most popular cat on Instagram. Nala's fame is well monetized: the cat sells souvenirs with her portraits, stars in commercials, hosts a show on Youtube, and she also has her own brand of cat food.

Taylor Swift's cat – $97 million

"The two loves of my life? It's Meredith and Olivia. They're cats," Swift said in one of her interviews.

Source: TikTok

It all started with their appearance in the music video ME! The cats suddenly woke up rich and famous. A couple more appearances in sneakers and Cola commercials and the fame of cats is almost equal to their owner fame! Olivia's fortune is estimated at $97 million, a rough estimate by an agency that tracks the fortunes of wealthy animals.

Source: YouTube

Gunther IV – $32 million

Source: Legion Media

His father was a companion of Countess Charlotte Lieberstein. When the countess passed away in 1992, her $224 million fortune was inherited by Gunter III, and after his death by his son, Gunter IV.

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Now the dog lives in his own villa (although last year it was put up for sale), travels a lot and enjoys life. Technically, he is the head of a trust fund.

Oprah Winfrey's five beloved dogs – $30 million

Source: Instagram

As Oprah Winfrey doesn't have her own children, she dotes on her five dogs. They are golden retrievers Luke and Lila, cocker spaniel Sadie, springer spaniels Sonny and Lauren. To ensure that even after her death her beloved pets would not need anything, she set up a $30 million trust fund for them.

Jiff Pom the Pomeranian Spitz – $25 million

Source: Instagram

Jiff is a real social media star. His hilarious costume photos and videos rack up millions of likes. The Pomeranian is adored by 30 million people far beyond his hometown of Los Angeles.

Karl Lagerfeld's Choupette the cat – $13 million

Source: Instagram

After the death of the legendary designer, the cat became an rich heiress. Karl Lagerfeld left her a considerable part of his fortune – $13 million.

Gigoo the Chicken – $16 million

Source: Legion Media

Miles Blackwell from Britain made his fortune in the publishing business. He was 55 and his wife was 45 when they moved to the countryside, full of dreams and plans. The couple never had children, so they planned to raise Maine Logan sheep and rare Scottish hens. Their plans were changed by the death of Miles' wife and his own death three weeks later. The closest creature to the deceased publishing magnate and failed farmer was a hen named Gigoo, who inherited $16 million.


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