When Erica Wilson from Texas was driving to the drugstore, she spotted a stray doggie on the roadside. The dog ran back and forth across the road, peering into car windows. Wilson saw her round belly, and everything became clear.

The poor thing was so worried that she froze in despair and stress before Erica's car

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Wilson couldn't leave the pooch in trouble. The doggie was in labor or must have had some problems. "I jumped out of the car and walked in her direction, and I called to her, and she ran right over, whining and crying," the woman said. She immediately contacted animal rescuers, who arrived fairly quickly.

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A little later the dog was taken to the shelter. Despite living on the street for a long time, the dog was very kind and affectionate, and trusted people. The beautie really wanted to be loved. At the shelter, she was named Winnie.

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A little later, Winnie gave birth to adorable babies

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The puppies were born healthy, and Winnie immediately started taking care of them. She proved to be a very attentive and sensitive mother.

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Now the canine family lives in a foster family. When the puppies are old enough, they and their mommy will be placed in permanent homes. Thank you for the rescue!

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