This baby is likely to grow up to be a vet or psychotherapist. Just look how cute: the dog was sad because he was parting with his owner, but the girl found the right words.

Sometimes the most important thing is to find the right words. If you are sad or lonely, watch this touching video and imagine yourself in the place of this little dog. The puppy's owner, the little girl's grandmother, has gone to the store. And, of course, to Lulu the dog, her owner was the whole world. The dog was extremely worried, she looked at the closed door and whimpered softly.

Source: TikTok

It seemed that nothing in the world could comfort the puppy until his grandmother returned. But it was two-year-old Lily who stepped in. She remembered what it was like when her dearest mommy wasn't around and the separation seemed to last forever. But she's already two! She knows how to support someone who is going through this grief for the first time. This video reminds us that there is always someone around who can support us.

"Grandma gonna be right back soon Lulu."

Lily sits down next to Lulu and their eyes are almost on the same level. The little girl strokes the puppy and cuddles her, and the pup seems to feel better. The girl continues to awkwardly stroke the puppy and says in her most supportive voice,

"It's okay. Grandma will be back soon. You're going outside Lulu."

And the pooch believes the comforting words of her little friend; she stops whimpering and glancing at the door and settles by the side of Lily. Of course, she's still too worried to play, but she clearly has a glimmer of hope. While they wait for Grandma together, Lily manages to give Lulu a ride in the stroller and more cuddles.

Source: TikTok

Finally, she moves on to win-win measures: Lily decides to share her donuts with the puppy. What generosity! What kindness! Perhaps this video is the cutest thing you'll see today:


Her offering the Timbits sends me😆 comment if you have tried a Timbit before! 🇨🇦 #dogsoftiktok #toddlertok #lilyjaymes

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