The owner of a unique dog had no idea for nine months that her pet couldn't see anything until she was told about it by vets.

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Dave, a Border Collie, has been deemed a medical wonder in Britain. Dave can walk around the house, run and play with other dogs outdoors, and at the same time he is as blind as a bat. According to Jane Downs, the dog's owner, her pet, who is about 5 years old, was born with an undeveloped retina, which rules out the possibility that he can see anything at all.

"No one has an explanation for his behavior. It's a medical mystery," Jane says.

Jane didn't find out about the pet's health peculiarities until recently. The dog had lived a full and happy life in her home for about a year until they visited the vet last February. Then the vet shocked her with the news that the dog was blind. "It's very strange," Jane says. "Dave is a blind dog who can see. Maybe it's a sixth sense? He's walked everybody, even me, his owner."

Jane Downs with her pet, Dave. Source: YouTube screenshot

Jane took Dave from a shelter, and no one said anything about his blindness, perhaps because the staff didn't know about it, too. Upon leaving the shelter, the happy dog jumped into the backseat of the car and drove off to meet his new home. Only a couple of times during the year did Dave bumped into large objects, but Jane attributed it to the fact that the dog, who had spent years living in a barn, was just unaccustomed to living in a residential home.

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To confirm the diagnosis, the woman addressed Cambridge University's leading veterinary ophthalmologist, David Williams. After examination he concluded that Dave had been blind since birth. The vet was amazed at the animal's behavior. "I've seen a lot of blind dogs, and they all bump into objects, and Dave is a unique dog. In 33 years of practice, I've encountered a lot of cases, but I can't explain it," the expert told a local newspaper.

Source: YouTube screenshot

Last October the family got a second dog named Sammy. Life for the border collie has become a lot more fun. The dogs play, run, walk together and ride in the car. Dave is not afraid of open spaces and is perfectly oriented even in unfamiliar surroundings. The only place where he is insecure is the beach. Dave has never been able to get over his fear and enter the water, but this fear may not have developed from blindness, but simply from a dislike of large bodies of water. It happens that way, too.

Watch the video about this unique pet:

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