Little William, looks quite tiny compared to his three huge dog friends. At 14.5 pounds, he weighs much less than the Saint Bernards Winnie, Teddy Bear, and Millie, who together weigh hundreds of pounds. These harmless giants are the best big brothers and sisters for the little boy, taking their job of caring for him seriously.

Parents John, 31, and Victoria, 30, share their home in Birmingham, Alabama, with three large and beautiful Saint Bernards. In a scenario reminiscent of the famous "Peter Pan" cartoon, the family's oldest dog, Teddy Bear, is nicknamed "Nana" because of his caring personality. Teddy Bear is nine years old.

"She is very protective and watchful of all family members," Victoria told The Epoch Times, "but especially our son!"

Little William with his Nani

John and Victoria met while still in high school and got married. The couple was happy to watch as their other two dogs, five-year-old Winnie (nicknamed "Bubba"), and two-year-old Millie, bonded with their two-year-old son.

According to Victoria, it all started when she was expecting a baby. At the time, the family had not yet taken Millie, but they told the two older dogs that they would have a "baby brother".

"I truly believe they understood what was going on," Victoria said. - Winnie was very interested in all the baby supplies, especially the cradle. He kept looking over it, as if appearing from looking at it for a long time would make the baby appear faster".

Little William with the Nani

Little William with the Nani

Teddy Bear watching a baby sleep

As the expectant mother's belly began to grow, both Saint Bernards began to behave more cautiously around her, walking more slowly and being more affectionate. While Winnie used to "lie down right on top of me to cuddle," Victoria says, during her pregnancy he tried not to use all his weight, but just leaned his head against her.

When William was born in 2020, Teddy and Winnie were very excited to meet the addition. As soon as the new parents arrived home from the hospital, Winnie immediately went outside and jumped in the car.

Family defenders

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As soon as they put their son in the cradle, Winnie climbed on the bed to keep an eye on him. Every time William made a noise, he was right there. Every morning when she took William out of the crib, Winnie would follow Victoria into the nursery, waiting for the baby to arrive so they could play.

Teddy, for her part, didn't quite know what to do about the baby's crying, but she liked working as a nanny while she slept: "Teddy prefers peace and quiet and order in the house. If we get too excited playing spotting with our son, she barks and lets us know to calm down".

So Winnie has definitely become a fun "big brother" who is more willing to play and get into trouble, and Teddy likes to cuddle on the couch or lie next to him when he's sick.

William with Teddy Bear a while

Victoria and Winnie

Handsome Saint Bernards

Life with three huge dogs is quite normal for the little guy, but there are a few things he had to learn, like keeping his food out of reach so they can't steal it, although, according to his mom, he sneaks them treats and gives them treats from his high chair.

"Their bond has strengthened as they've grown together," Victoria says. - Now William feels comfortable enough to command the dogs because he knows they obey him. Sometimes he tells them to come inside or sit for a treat himself. I don't think he realizes how much power he has over 70-pound dogs!"

Source: epochtimes

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