When a Border Collie who was on a walk with another dog got lost, she did the smartest thing – she reported herself missing to the nearest police station.

This incredible moment was captured on camera and then posted on social media. It immediately went viral.

Source: Facebook

The CCTV footage shows Rosie walk right through the automatic doors to Loughborough Police Station, UK, and sit down in a corner, waiting patiently for officers to notice her.

"Our staff fetched some water for Rosie, and made fast friends with plenty of fuss," the Leicestershire Police Facebook page reads.

Source: Facebook

Fortunately, Rosie was wearing a collar, which allowed police to contact her owners, Steve and Julie Harper.

Source: Facebook

Steve, 65, was walking Rosie and their other family dog, Laser, in the park when Rosie ran away as someone nearby started shooting fireworks.

"She climbed through the hedge and walked into the police station," Julie, 61, said. "The police station is right next to the park."

Steve was upset when he brought Laser home, but then the police contacted the family that Rosie had been found. Her owners were glad she was safe and healthy.

Watch this amazing moment:

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The Leicestershire police praised Rosie, calling her a "lovely, clever dog." After watching the video, social media users showered the dog with praise in comments.

"Rosie, you are such a smart good girl," one social media user wrote.

"Not only she's smart, but she's polite! Look at her sitting down and waiting her turn!" another added.

"Clearly understands the stranger danger rule and headed for the police for help. Well done Rosie," a third wrote.

The story has even made national news.

Border Collies are known to be extremely intelligent, and many people consider them the smartest of all dog breeds.

Source: theepochtimes.com

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