Pearl, 24, is a single mom who works as an engineer and lives with her one-year-old daughter Blossom and cats in her Texas home. Her 3-year-old kitty named Summer has recently given birth. The two young moms share a special bond.

Summer, a chocolate ragdoll, has recently tried to introduce one of her kittens to the baby girl. Pearl was at home with Blossom, when she saw Summer bring her kitten to her daughter for the first time. The touching moment was captured on video.

Source: Pearl’s Ragdolls

"I thought it was very cute and sweet that Summer wanted to show her kitten to my baby," Pearl said. "Summer was upstairs in the kitten room with her kittens. That day, I left the door to the kitten room [opened] and Summer jumped out of the playpen with one of her babies, carrying it down a flight of stairs and straight to Blossom."

Since the kitten wasn't litter trained at the time, Pearl took the little one to his room.

Source: Pearl’s Ragdolls

The video has racked up 17 million likes on TikTok where Pearl has 2 million subscribers.


Summer wanted to show off her baby to my baby

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After the video was published, Pearl was showered with comments.

Pearl said Summer tried several more times to visit Blossom with one of her kittens.

Source: Pearl’s Ragdolls

"It happened a few more times if I happened to leave the door open," Pearl said. "Summer is a sassy but loving mom. She likes things done her way. I think she got a little upset when I took her babies back to the playpen."

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Source: Pearl’s Ragdolls

The kitty got pregnant right after Pearl welcomed Blossom. "Don't tell my other cats, but she's my personal favorite," says Pearl.

Source: Pearl’s Ragdolls

The Ragdoll is one of the largest breeds of cats, which known for their very friendly and affectionate nature.

"It's really amazing the bond pets can form with tiny babies," Pearl says. "Don’t forget to cherish those moments before they grow up. Now my baby Blossom just had her first birthday and all Summer’s babies have gone to their new forever homes. Time really does go by fast."


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