After losing everything, their family, their home, and all their hopes, these two dogs wanted to keep the only thing they had – their love for each other.

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Merrill the Pitbull and Taco the Chihuahua is a bonded pair who used to live in one family. Unfortunately, they were surrendered to the Rocket Dog Rescue, located in San Francisco. The doggies had lost everything, except for their close friendship. In this difficult situation, the friends became really inseparable. Their bond is so close that Merrill preferred not to go to a forever home without her friend Chihuahua.

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The two dogs had been offered separately for adoption to maximize their chances

Originally, the shelter put up the two dogs for adoption separately. Homes willing to adopt two canines at once are rare, so the shelter staff thought it would increase Merrill's and Taco's chances to be adopted.

A few weeks later, the Pitbull was able to win the heart of one family. But as she was about to leave for her new home without Taco, she burst out crying. She just sat and stayed still, crying and not wanting to go away.

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Merrill was able to make herself understood. The man who wanted to adopt her couldn't take in two dogs at once, so he preferred to leave Merrill with her friend and choose another animal.

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The shelter staff decided to put two dogs for adoption together

Faced with unexpected Merrill's reaction, the shelter staff realized that the two friends would be happier together at the shelter than separated in different homes. So they took the risk, and offered the two dogs for adoption together.

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"These two love each other more than any bonded couple the shelter has ever seen. They cry when they leave each other. This pair has lost their family, their home, and now we can't let them to be lost," said a spokeswoman for the shelter.

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The shelter shared Merrill and Taco's beautiful story of friendship on Facebook, and against all odds, it resulted in a quick adoption. One family agreed to take in them both.

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Now the two doggies live their life to the fullest. They have a cozy home, a loving family, and each other's company. After a few weeks' living in a new home, the pair is happy.

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"Merrill and Taco are doing great in their forever home. They love hanging out by the fire and snuggling up together after a long fun day," reads the post on the Rocket Dog Rescue's Facebook.

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