For years, Ginger the dog has been helping her owner take care of the orphaned kittens she fosters. This habit she developed after all of her puppies got adopted.

Ginger, a female Pitbull, is never happier than when she sees a new litter of kittens arrive at her home. Her owner Susan Hicks, who adopted her 4 years ago, is a volunteer foster mom for the orphaned kittens, who helps them grow up in warm and safe envirinment and prepares them for adoption.

Source: Susan Hicks

Ginger has always been a perfect mom even though the babies aren't her own. When her puppies were old enough to be adopted and joined their loving families, her maternal instinct was still very strong and she had a lot of love to give.

Source: Susan Hicks

Ginger takes care of kittens as if they were her own babies. She is extremely patient with the young cats, letting them even play with her ears.

All these little creatures are weak and vulnerable when they arrive at Susan Hicks' home. They leave happy and confident, due in large part to the dog who comforts them and helps them figure out how to operate in this world.

"I want one of your kittens because they are good with dogs."

Source: Susan Hicks

They learn from Ginger that they shouldn't fear dogs and that they can be their best friends. This makes their adoption much easier. "People contact me and say, 'I want one of your kittens because I know they're good with dogs,'" Susan Hicks says.

Source: Susan Hicks

When kittens grow up and leave, Ginger always gets a little bit sad. But the dog can quickly console herself by welcoming another litter of kittens with open paws.

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Source: Susan Hicks

Source: The Dodo

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