It's amazing how some animals can sense kindness, how they understand that someone needs help. Our story today is about a doggie who sensed that animals of completely different species were in danger.

Gina, a German Boxer, had a difficult start in life. Her first owners were abusive, inadequate people who would beat her and close her in a bathroom. But once luck smiled on the poor thing. Gina was taken away from the abusers and surrendered to the shelter, where she spent a long time trying to learn to trust people. Finally, proper owners were found for Gina and she was given the love and care she so much deserved.

One day Gina went out for a routine walk with her owner Mary, but something incredible happened. The dog suddenly began to pull her human to the side, somewhere to the garbage cans, where her owner did not want to go at all. But Gina was so strong that Mary had to give in. There the dog ran around the trash cans and found a cat with kittens in one of the nooks.

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Of course, Mary had no intention of becoming a mom to a whole family of cats. After all, one can't help and save them all... She began to drag the dog back, but Gina wouldn't move. It was also interesting that the cat and her kittens were not afraid of the dog, as if they felt Gina's kindness. Mary continued her unsuccessful attempts to move her stubborn pet from her place, but in the end, she gave up. Mary picked up the cat family and brought them home. 

The dog ran happily and cheerfully all the way home as if thinking what a good job she had done. Interestingly, the mommy cat allowed Gina to look after her offspring at once. Moreover, the kittens weren't afraid of the doggie and would happily play with her.

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The more days passed, the more convinced Mary became that separating Gina and the cat mom was a bad idea. Her had become real friends, so the girl has made a decision to keep the cat named Lucy forever. The little ones will go to their forever homes as soon as they are old enough to leave their mom.

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This is how the most ordinary walk with the dog ended...

Source: pulse.mail

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