On a day when temperatures outside were near record lows, a woman spotted a stray doggie limping alone near the roadside. Shivering with cold the poor thing was clearly dehydrated and hungry.

Last week the city of St. Louis, Missouri, had record-breaking low temperatures. Of course, stary animals suffered from cold, too. One homeless dog wandered by the roadside, shivering with fear and cold. To make matters worse, the poor thing was limping and was obviously hungry and dehydrated...

Source: Alisha Vianello

He was spotted by a local woman driving by. She couldn't leave the dog in trouble, so she reported him to animal rescuers. When rescuers arrived, at first they were afraid to approach the dog too quickly since they didn't know how he would behave after living on the street.

But as soon as the volunteer approached the dog, he immediately rushed to her with kisses, full of love and trust.

Source: Alisha Vianello

He was very grateful and understood perfectly well that he was being helped. The volunteer immediately saw that his hind leg was injured, so she was careful with him. Then the doggie was carefully taken to the car.

Source: Alisha Vianello

"It was such a relief for him, his eyes lit up with happiness. He couldn't stop showing his love and was grateful to be rescued from the cold," said Alisha, the volunteer. The dog was then taken to a shelter where he was examined and his sore paw was treated.

Source: Alisha Vianello

The doggie was named Mac. He's turned out to be a very sweet, kind and trusting creature!

Here is the video of Mac's rescue:

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Since Mac is on the mend, the shelter staff are already looking for loving owners. We hope Mac will find a forever home in the near future!

Source: The Dodo

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