Mickey and her boyfriend's dog, with whom they had lived together for many years, has recently passed away. It was impossible to fill the empty space in their hearts, but it was possible and necessary to fill the empty space in their home, because in this way the couple could give a happy life to a homeless and lonely creature. So they went to a shelter to choose a cute little dog, the one which wouldn't cause too much trouble.

The couple strolled along the cages, peering into each one, until Demi the dog sitting quietly in her cage caught their attention. She was a large reddish husky with amazing eyes and a friendly expression on her face. She seemed to be smiling at the unexpected guests. Mickey and her boyfriend asked to get to know the dog better; they took Demi on a walk around the shelter. The Husky behaved very well: she wasn't distracted by the barking of other dogs in their cages, and remained as calm and sweet as ever.

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"We decided we just couldn't leave without her"

Definitely, Demi was not a "little dog," but she was so adorable that the couple knew right away she was their dog. She smiled in the car, she smiled at home, where a personal bed and the tastiest food were already waiting for her. She gave her owners no trouble at all and went for walks every morning and evening though she slept a little too much, but the new owners considered it to be her quirk.

Until one afternoon the husky began to behave really strangely. She climbed into the closet and torn apart all the clothes there. When the owner pulled her out of the closet, Demi didn't resist. But the next morning, Mickey found her bed torn to shreds and all the toys lined up in a row. The dog refused to go for a walk; she wouldn't let her owner put her collar on, wouldn't respond to calls to go for a walk, and refused to move at all.

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At this point, the owners suspected something was wrong. They canceled everything, took Demi to the car and drove her to the vet. And while they were waiting for the vet, Demi went into labor.

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"I know now that I should always trust my intuition"

"Honestly, my gut instinct told me that Demi was pregnant," Mickey says. "Her tummy grew, very visibly and very quickly." The girl was scratching her dog's belly one night, and she was struck by how big it was under her thick coat. She googled the symptoms of dog pregnancy, and their dog matched every one of them. Mickey called her boyfriend, and they discussed the possibility, and dismissed it as unbelievable: after all, there was no way that neither the shelter nor the vet had told them such an important fact about the animal they were adopting!

But now Mickey was convinced that she should always trust her intuition. Most likely, the shelter staff simply didn't notice that the pet was pregnant.

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Well, Demi gave birth to five puppies, almost halfway to the vet's waiting room. Of course, she was immediately given all the help she needed, but all the while she remained as calm, confident, and friendly while her owners were in absolute shock. As soon as the babies are old enough to live without their mother, they will go to their forever families.

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Would you take in a shelter dog if you knew she was pregnant?

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