There is one very unusual pet in the zoo, by the way, a representative of the feline family – a lynx named Ally. Although she is still quite young, she has already managed to become famous. Why? We are going to tell you.

Ally the lynx. Source: pulse.mail

Ally was brought to the zoo as a baby. She immediately won the hearts not only of the zoo staff, but also of its visitors. Well it can be understood since everybody loves cats both big and small, wild and domestic. However, Ally surprised everybody in a completely different way. She has a very strong maternal instinct, and it began to show as soon as she grew up a little. She has not had her own babies yet, as she is too young and the time has not come yet, but the lynx is happy to take care of other babies who need help.

Ally the lynx and kittens. Source: pulse.mail

The most interesting thing is whom she's raised. The babies whom she has taken under her wing include two bear cubs, five little puppies, and even a baby raccoon. And she didn't care that she and her adopted babies belonged to completely different species. This example once again shows that people can still learn a lot from animals.

Source: pulse.mail

Ally's last foster babies were little kittens, abandoned by their real mother. At first, the lynx was somewhat distrustful of the babies, but after mutual sniffing and scrutiny, she took over the duties of a foster mother.

Source: pulse.mail

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