Sometimes life has in store the most unexpected turns. Such a life turnaround occurred in the life of a Thai man, opening up a new world and prospects for him.

A young Thai man would go to work every day at the same time past an abandoned, almost dried-up well. One day, walking in silence, Surachet Klaewkla heard strange sounds of incomprehensible origin. The guy looked around, but saw nothing that could make the sound. He listened attentively and realized that whimpering was coming from the bottom of an old well. The Thais are very superstitious people, not everyone will dare to look down into a deep well where an evil god is believed to dwell. Fortunately, the young man was not frightened.

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What Surachet saw was absolutely astonishing. The mud at the bottom of the sinkhole was moving, making distinctive sounds, and it was clearly alive! The guy bravely reached into the well and pulled out five lumps of mud. It was something alive and small, desperately whimpering for help.

The young man returned home with his find, where with the help of his family, one by one, he washed the animals from the dirt. What was the surprise of his family when five pairs of eyes stared at them! It was a startling find – five beautiful mongrel pups. Surachet's family didn't object to keeping all the babies, on the contrary, they even believed that the puppies were a gift from the goddess Nang Kwak.

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The puppies are growing up mischievous and sweet and the family enjoys watching them play. Moreover, the little ones are gifting the rescuer and his family with love and devotion. They happily see Surachet off to work and joyfully greet him at home. They observe how the family copes with household chores and even sometimes help out by bringing something they need.

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Since then, luck has clearly been smiling on the guy. Thanks to this story, he's become well-known all over his country. People come to the local hero expressing their gratitude and praising his kindness. Needless to say, even after becoming famous, the guy still remains kind, compassionate, and determined, though his life has become a little more busy because now he takes care of five beautiful pups who need care and attention.

Source: pulse.mail

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