A teacher from a Richmond school has recently come up with the idea that allows to combine her dearest passions. On the one hand, Mrs. Jones succeeded in pursuing the school program, and on the other hand, the tasks she gave made a difference for abandoned animals.

For several months, a shelter in Virginia has been transformed into a real art museum. Many of its furry residents were given a portrait which hangs now on their kennels. In addition to the drawings, the kids also wrote kind texts praising pets' merits.

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Mrs. Jones was the one who came up with this idea. This passionate teacher works at St. Michael's Episcopal School in Richmond, VA. At the same time, as an animal lover, she volunteers at Richmond Animal Care & Control.

During a discussion with the director of that organization, Christie Peters, she came up with a clever idea. Her second grade class was learning persuasive writing. So why not use this lesson to help animals in need? After all, animals need to convince families to adopt them.

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"I love the animal shelter, but I want to live with you!"

Christie was charmed by this project, and gave Mrs. Jones the green light. The children were first given a brief description of the shelter residents. Most of them were senior dogs or cats, which no one wanted to take in.

Armed with paper and their best pens, the kids wrote letters on behalf of pets: "Hi! I'm Pitato Chip. I'm a Pitbull! I won't hurt you, I'll give you lots of kisses," wrote one of them.

The texts were all decorated with a colorful picture, depicting the chosen animal. These pieces of art were then displayed at the Christie's center.

Successful initiative

According to Mrs. Jones, shortly after this initiative, 8 animals have already joined their permanent families. Being proud of her students, Mrs. Jones is also thrilled to have contributed to the rescue: "This collaboration allowed me to combine my 2 greatest passions, teaching children to read and write and helping animals in need." The woman hopes that her project will be launched in other schools.

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