For decades, black cats have been considered to bring bad luck. However, Zara is simply adorable. Unfortunately, no one seemed to be interested in her.

At the age of 3, Zara ended up at an animal shelter in England, UK. She was found with her 2 kittens, one of whom did not survive. Once weaned, the second kitten was adopted by a loving family.

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But for Zara, things were more complicated. While other cats left the shelter one after the other, no one was interested in her. Eventually, after 200 days at the shelter, she became its longest-living resident.

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For employee Tracey Rogers, it was hard to figure out why the cat couldn't find an owner. According to her, the whole team were baffled by the lack of interest to Zara, who was "beautiful, confident, friendly and playful."

Bad luck charm?

Tracey suggested a hypothesis as to why visitors are not interested in her protege: "Black cats...are not as popular as their colorful brethren – the Tabbies and gingers – and it always takes us a lot longer to find them new loving homes.

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Although many consider black felines to be wizards, Tracey prefers to associate Zara with a "miniature house panther." The shelter staff decided to take matters into their own hands so that everyone could learn about this wonderful pet.

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They shared numerous photos of the cat to put her in the spotlight on social media. Moreover, BBC has also featured Zara's story.

This publicity eventually paid off, as at the end of August 2022, she found a forever home. "Zara is now settling into her new home and it's all thanks to our local community, who spread the word to help us find her a family," the shelter spokesperson wrote on Facebook.

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Even after Zara was adopted, the rescue center didn't fail to honor her on National Black Cat Day, which is celebrated every October 27 in the UK.


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