One day Catherine Van Beek found a tiny kitten in the gutter. The baby had no chance on the street so Catherine couldn't pass by the poor thing and took him home. But after three months, unusual things began to happen to the pet. The kitten's coat color has completely changed and its behavior became different, too.

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Catherine named the gray kitten Bruce. It was not easy to help the baby, because he needed to be fed with a syringe. Catherine started a Facebook account specially for Bruce to show how the kitten grew up.

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In the end, Bruce's subscribers were the first to spot strange changes in the kitten. Catherine posted pics of the kitten almost every day, and a month later people started writing that Bruce's coat color had changed. The girl had not noticed anything yet, because she saw him every day.

Source: YouTube screenshot

Source: YouTube screenshot

However, then Bruce began to behave more boldly. His behavior was more like that of a predator. And his coat became really different, much darker. After three months the gray kitten became pitch-black.

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Catherine decided to show the kitten to the vet who explained that the kitten's coat color could have been affected by his mother's poor health. Due to the lack of food, she was probably constantly hungry and stressed.

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In addition, Bruce was a mongrel. New Zealand is home to many feral cats, and his predatory behavior was due to their genes:

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Fortunately, the kitten has got used to the indoor life. He stays with Catherine and is as affectionate as other cats.


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