While loved ones betrayed, relatives deceived, and acquaintances gave unsolicited advice, Amelia, the owner of a special needs dog, fought hard for her pet's life. Here is her story.

By the time Sandy came into our family, we already had a dog, a beagle. We had not even thought about a second dog. It all happened by chance: one day my husband was driving along the highway and saw a skinny puppy lying on the roadside, who was obviously in pain. He called me to ask what to do since he could not leave her to die in pain. I advised to take the pup to the vet and then decide what to do next.

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Although Sandy's spine was broken, we were reassured that the surgery would help. The chances of her walking again were very good.

We just wanted to be Sandy's foster parents

Our initial plan was to foster Sandy. But after the anesthesia Sandy was very weak. She was in pain, whimpering, and I was with her around the clock. At that moment I realized that probably no one would be able to take care of her like that... to be with her all the time. Even now people often say to me, "You have nothing better to do, put her to sleep, and that's it."

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But how can one take her life when she's no longer in pain and is a happy doggie?

We decided to keep Sandy for a little while longer while we rehabilitated her. My mom made a special walker bag, we gave Sandy massages and rehabilitation therapy, but she never started to feel her hind legs.

"No Chance of Rescue"

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Last summer we decided to go on holiday. I asked a relative to take care of Sandy in our absence and he agreed. During our vacation, I once asked for pictures of Sandy, but no one sent them to me. The relative joked that there was no time for that, etc. When we came back, I went to get my beagle, my husband to get Sandy. My husband called and said that our dog was hit by a car. That's what that relative told him.

Moreover, there was no Sandy's wheelchair and her other belongings. Naturally, I no longer believed the story. I arranged to be shown CCTV footage only to see him come out of the house with Sandy and all her belongings in his arms.

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Three days of anguish

The problem was that I didn't even know approximately where to look for Sandy. The relative just released her in the woods.

On the third day of an extensive search from 6am to late evening we accidentally met a local resident who said he had seen Sandy just a couple of days before: she was alive and he fed her, he said that she was greedily eating bread and tomatoes. He also showed me where she had crawled to. I didn't even listen to the rest of the story and ran right after her. And then I saw Sandy!

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She crawled up to me, whimpering as if asking, "How have you found me?" I cried like a baby. My girl's hind legs were all covered with wounds and scratches since she tried to survive without her wheelchair.

We took Sandy to the vet. And again, huge bills, expensive treatment... About a week later, I called everyone involved in Sandy's rescue for a dinner.

Brave hearted Sandy

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Sandy survived because of her brave heart. People often say that "such" dogs should be put to sleep because their owners are torturing them. Well, it is absolutely wrong. My Sandy is an affectionate little girl who lives her life to the fullest!

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Source: pets.mail

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