Eden, a Pit Bull mix, was spotted under a tree while sleeping. From her first meeting with people, she has been a kind girl who just wanted to be helped. Although it  is still unknown how long she has lived on the street, it was for a while since she was underweight and had a number of illnesses.

Good Samaritans would feed Eden, but did nothing else to help the dog. When Suzette Hall, founder of Logan's Legacy rescue, found out about Eden, she immediately rushed to the rescue scene.

Source: The Dodo

Eden was taken to an animal shelter where she was taken care of and given the necessary treatment. The dog was initially friendly, but when she found herself surrounded by caring people, her personality started to blossom.

Source: The Dodo

The dog, like other animals, lived in a separate kennel. And one day a woman was walking by her cage and saw Eden sticking her gray and white paw through the bars. A volunteer took the dog's paw and shook it gently.

Source: The Dodo

Take a look at this cutie:

"She just wants to hold our hand," Suzette said. "She'll hold your hand and then make the sweetest howl ever as if she's saying, 'I love you.'"

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Since then, Eden has been reaching out her paw to everyone who walks by. She has had many handshakes since she came to the shelter. But the sweet dog is still waiting for someone to become her family.

Source: The Dodo

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